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Pressure Test

I enjoy writing and love blogging. I  blog about things that inspire me hoping in the process to inspire you as you decorate or inspire you to decorate your home. But I really want to improve my blog, write better content and  reach a larger audience.While searching for ways to improve my blogging technique , I just googled e-course + blog+ decor ( hoping to find a blogging e-course that would be more specific for home decor) and was truly surprised when I realized that there was a e-course being run by Holly Becker ( and friends) . Holly Becker's blog Decor8 was my inspiration for starting my own blog. For a week or two I did struggle to sign up wondering how I was going to manage my store, orders, social media work I took on and this but Hollys' blogging e-course was on my mind a lot ...so I decided to sign up. Hopefully I can keep up...keep your fingers crossed for me cos this is really a Boot camp for blogging and so far I love it.

This image is my little blogging nook. My living room...lol I generally sit here so I can keep an eye on baby as she plays, work and blog. What you are seeing is the neater version, usually there magazines cushion samples etc all over the place.
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