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Fun and Funky Cushions

In my search and findings I have found just some really fun cushions that have made me laugh out loud . They are going to be my inpiration for some cushion covers that I will eventually ( I hope ) design called  - Conversation  Starters!

strange but good!
 I love this pillow from DermondPeterson
Sushi pillow from Shana Logic and it's in my favorite sushi too.
Beautiful Geisha Girl Pillow from Shana Logic.
Very cute  or and kinda creepy depends on how you looks at it ...children in a pot oh my! Anne Geddess Pillow from Soft and Soft  
Just Fun!
 Feathers day pillow from Maison De Vacances 

 Icon throw pillow from Throwboy.
Just Funny!

The Down Right Stange!
From Shoreline Treasures on Etsy -"Like mom always said, “Take care of your eyes.” Well, this one resides on its very own cushion!" 
Blood puddle pillows from FromKeetra 
That's it for now, I hope this had you a little amused if not laughing out loud. :)
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